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This is a multifandom blog owned by a 22 year old girl from Romania.

The clock shows the time in Bucharest, my home town, if you're expecting a fast answer check the clock and see if it's not the middle of the night for me.

This blog also contains NSFW material, it's tagged and has its own Page.

All the messages I answer are tagged "mail received", in case you don't want to see them on your dash, you can savior that tag.
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Anonymous asked: I really enjoyed your answer for the HxH blogs question for the main four because they seemed so accurate and in depth. But can I ask what you would believe Hisoka and Illumi would blog about?

(part I)

Illumi’s blog is mostly about the other Zoldyck interest except assassination, fashion. The blog has many sudden and unexplained hiatuses when Illumi’s on the job, but when he updates it’s always trends from the eccentric side of design. He keeps his blog neat and well organized, has a tag for everything, high quality images and always adds his own opinion with each reblog. Illumi sometimes goes into the violent tags to amuse himself. After browsing a few pages he once made a text post “everyone here sleeps with the lights on and dreams of being a killer” which got unexpectedly popular and boosted his follower count. He also reblogs texts about “how to kill” and “what would kill” and tags them with #do’s and #dont’s.

Illumi follows a lot of obscure fashion and hairstyle blogs that suit his taste, and blogs about raising children, how to deal with rebellious teens, what to do when your siblings refuse to listen. He’s a Supernatural fan, digs the whole “family business” concept, and reblogs a lot of Dean gifs since he’s the one respecting the tradition in the beginning. Illumi never uses the Anon option. His blunt and clueless personality turned him into the perfect advice giver. He gets questions such as “going out, how to look about to kill?”, to which he replies “kill to master the look and wear something tight around the waist”. Illumi’s theme.

Hisoka has a rather obscene blog, to be expected. He never reblogs nature and the only fashion articles are reblogged from Illumi and tagged #reference. It’s how he got the heart earrings. He tags the selfies and nudes he reblogs with points from 0 to 95+. Illumi started following Hisoka’s blog after he reblogged a shirtless selfie from Killua and tagged it #over 95 points, #will keep me busy. Illumi instantly sent him 30 angry messages promising murder. Hisoka posts a lot of personals, replies to every comment and uses card symbols at the end. His charismatic, mysterious way of being makes his replies expected even if he just says “maybe… ♠”. His followers get giddy when Hisoka replies to them.

He has a tag, #amateurs, in which he reblogs every magic trick on his dash. After the battle with Kastro, Hisoka likes to reblog pictures of people who remind him of someone he knows. And after Yorkshin he had to retag his Chrollo lookalikes with #heartbroken from #can’t wait. When bored he reblogs stories of extraordinarily talented people and guesses what type of nen user they are based on personality hints. He sends a lot of Anons in different typing styles to Illumi and the main four. Kurapika reported his blog once after Hisoka sent him a message that said “the seven legged spider isn’t limping”. But the blog was just flagged as nsfw and that was that. Hisoka’s theme.

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wackyschicken asked: Im pretty sure Senritsu would have an asthetic blog with Vaporwave and stuff. And Illumi's would have stuff referring to BDSM and torture stuff. And Pitou's would just be cat gifs 24/7

Haha, and she’d reblog heavy metal just to write long rants about it. I think Senritsu would have a blog in the same color range, like mostly green and pink, refusing to reblog anything that’s like bright red or blue. A melodic blog by look and playlist.

Pitou uploads candids of Meruem until she reaches the daily post limit (ΦωΦ)

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Day 1314   - 23 July 2014

"Please take your time!" 

Barista!Kaneki doodles


Day 1314   - 23 July 2014

"Please take your time!" 

Barista!Kaneki doodles


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Anonymous asked: What type of blogs do you think the main HxH characters would have?

Gon has a generally positive blog, always reblogs, likes and comments on friend posts. Sadly his bright and clueless attitude attracts Anon hate so he sometimes gets stuff like “you’re an idiot” to which he replies with “haha yeah /emoji/”. After every Anon hate Gon’s bombarded with lovely messages from friends and another Anon (Hisoka) who reassures him of his “continuous progress”.

From time to time he reblogs a dark image about hate and anger tagged vaguely with #yeah, #sometimes. Gon’s main posts are friend pictures, food pictures, nature, fishing tips, news from the martial arts world and posts about Ging’s discoveries. He reblogs dirty jokes from Killua’s blog and adds comments like “I don’t understand”, “someone explain”, that’s why Killua tags the naughty posts with #nevermind gon. Gon’s theme.

Killua’s blog contains a lot of fashion posts, images of desserts and places he’d like to visit (with Gon) tagged as #wishlist. He has autoplay on just to annoy visitors and to hear his tunes whenever he browses his own blog. Killua’s a master troll and most of his replies are reblogged with a “pour water over the burn” image. His cheeky attitude turned him tumblr famous and he even started several memes all related to chocolate.

Sometimes he reblogs obscene innuendos which he buries under lots of safe images. Killua’s an active contributor to the “I hate my family” tag. He’s not afraid to post below the neck selfies tagged #just finished training, #bisky 1000/10 would recommend but don’t tell her, #ossu!. He has a side blog about games. Killua’s theme.

Leorio’s the medical side of tumblr. He corrects every bit of wrong information spread around “to save lives” and makes sure he words so everyone can understand. His blog is mostly questions from people looking to get medical advice so he barely has time to reblog pictures and to talk to his friends. His posts are of medical discoveries, signal boosts for charity projects, images of expensive fashion, cars and hotels, photography of villages, especially poor ones tagged with #feels like home.

Leorio’s blog is the most popular and talked about. It’s the reason why medical companies look to put their logo on it for publicity in exchange for a monthly fee paid to Leorio. He denies their requests in angry caps. Little does he know he once helped Netero himself with a persistent migraine. The Anon asking for help was typed by Beans. Leorio’s theme.

Kurapika doesn’t have much time to keep his blog updated. He has a “love for the past” themed blog, with posts of lost civilizations, ruins, legends about different creatures and quotes about revenge, moving on, and never giving up. His reblogged text posts and quotes sometimes contradict depending on his mental state. Kurapika never fails to reblog pictures of his friends and tags them sweetly with #wouldn’t be here without them, #the best, #people I rely on.

He has a surprisingly big amount of followers, all blogs about nature and zen. Kurapika deletes questions which he’s not in the mood to reply to even if they’re simple “how are you today?”. And when he replies, he’s polite, always formal and usually ends the reply with “:)” to not seem annoyed. Kurapika’s theme.

(part II)

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The entire Wedding Bliss series collected for easy viewing :)

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Free! makes brofisting ‘too gay’ for straight dudes, more at 11.

#thank god for straight men hurt by free



Free! makes brofisting ‘too gay’ for straight dudes, more at 11.

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