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Puppies also Bite

This is a multifandom blog owned by a 23 year old girl from Romania.

The clock shows the time in Bucharest, my home town, if you're expecting a fast answer check the clock and see if it's not the middle of the night for me.

This blog also contains NSFW material, it's tagged and has its own Page.

All the messages I answer are tagged "mail received", in case you don't want to see them on your dash, you can savior that tag.
Please do not tag me in memes!

Enjoy your stay!


So things happened and now I have money and I added a total of 27 items to cart from 3 different sites. Fingers crossed that the sizes match.

I won’t spend them all at once. I’m always pissed when I see something affordable on my dash and I don’t have the money. Well, now I will have the money.

01st Oct 2014 11:09pm 7 minutes ago 1 note
Anonymous asked: Thank you for helping me out I will hopefully be telling my mother I'm not sure if I'll be able to say it outright but I will tell her. Umm and thank you so much for responding I just really needed to tell someone somehow I've been so stressed and scared cause I was so confused but you really helped me just thank you so much for talking to me...

You’re welcome and I suggest you gather your courage and tell her as soon as you can. I don’t want you to have to go through more than touches…

01st Oct 2014 9:32pm 1 hour ago 2 notes
Anonymous asked: Hey Miss Witch I'm so sorry to bother you but is it all right if I ask you something. I've recently found out that my stepfather touches me in his sleep. I'm kinda scared but he and my mother have been together some time and he supports her what should I do I don't want to ruin everything I don't want it to all be my fault...

If you felt that creep on your skin while you were sleeping, call the cops on the motherfucker. A man that is capable of this sort of perversity is not to be trusted, no matter how supportive he appears to be.

You’re not ruining anything. If you kept it a secret and your mom found out years from now, don’t you think she’d flip out? Your safety and comfort are the most important and they’re definitely your mother’s priority as well.

A monster is a monster. It scratches you now and it’s only a matter of time until it’ll bare its fangs at your mother too. Be careful, you both need to get away from that individual.

01st Oct 2014 9:11pm 2 hours ago 12 notes
Anonymous asked: I take it you like a guy in a fabulous suit, yeah?

01st Oct 2014 8:49pm 2 hours ago 10 notes


today’s #hxh_69min theme was selfies and of course i, as a selfie expert had to participate

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Have everyone just forgotten the fact that Tsukiyama tried to give Kaneki fashion advice


Have everyone just forgotten the fact that Tsukiyama tried to give Kaneki fashion advice

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let me stay by your side~

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im dead


im dead

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