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This is a multifandom blog owned by a 22 year old girl from Romania.

The clock shows the time in Bucharest, my home town, if you're expecting a fast answer check the clock and see if it's not the middle of the night for me.

This blog also contains NSFW material, it's tagged and has its own Page.

All the messages I answer are tagged "mail received", in case you don't want to see them on your dash, you can savior that tag.
Please do not tag me in memes, thank you!

Enjoy your stay!


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Anonymous asked: Recently I've been watching GTO, and (obsessively) browsing through your blog just made me wonder, have you seen it; if so, penny for your thoughts? (reposters deserve some Onizuka-style punishment)

Oooh yeah! Watched it twice! Dub though, I couldn’t find it in Japanese. Add GTO to the list of dubs I adore. The anime is fairly old, it wasn’t “afraid” to illustrate Onizuka’s expressions no matter how crazy and gross. New anime tends to prettify everything.

I have no idea how the story ends though, I should read the last couple chapters from the manga.

GTO humor is hard to find, obscene as I love it, but at the same time teaches the viewer some goddamn life lessons.

(and oh look, it also has a drama version which I just downloaded)

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killua’s really into them ugly fashions.


killua’s really into them ugly fashions.

24th Jul 2014 9:36pm 3 hours ago 809 notes
idk what these people think srsly, one time I saw a repost comic here and the source was faceebook.com, wat hahah

Yeah, I mean at least repost down to the credits.

24th Jul 2014 8:47pm 3 hours ago 1 note
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Anonymous asked: what do you say about the tiger and bunny :the rising movie? (did you watch it? i know that you liked the series...)

I didn’t watch it, I definitely will when I see it up for download.

I loved the series, but it had to grow on me. I’m not into mecha so at first I didn’t really like it, but since the animation is great I didn’t quit it, and after 3 episodes I was glad I didn’t. I think I gotta rewatch it now that it has a movie, I don’t remember the plot that much ;;

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Lmao there’s already a repost of this small HisoIllu comic.

The only place I posted that 10 second translation is tumblr, I really don’t care anymore, but I’m absolutely curious why don’t people reblog? Isn’t it easier? Also the person who reposted said buh-bye to the source and the comic is now unsourced art. Blog is also full of unsourced art. Congrats buddy.

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Run your hand through your flawless silky hair when Hisoka is actually looking, you klutz!

Run your hand through your flawless silky hair when Hisoka is actually looking, you klutz!

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