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Puppies also Bite

This is a multifandom blog owned by a 23 year old girl from Romania.

The clock shows the time in Bucharest, my home town, if you're expecting a fast answer check the clock and see if it's not the middle of the night for me.

This blog also contains NSFW material, it's tagged and has its own Page.

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24th of January 1859 – 24th of January 2013

154 years since the Union of Moldova with the Romanian Principalities. On the 5th of January at Iaşi, Alexandru Ioan Cuza is chosen ruler of Moldova. On the 24th of January at Bucharest he’s also chosen ruler of Muntenia (Greater Wallachia). Thus Romanians didn’t defy the will of the greater powers to have 2 countries with 2 rulers and 2 parliaments, but took advantage of the fact that no one said those rulers had to be different people. They’ve chosen wisely and Alexandru Ioan Cuza became the one who unified Muntenia and Moldova into Romania.

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